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Hive Data is a comprehensive, distributed data labeling platform with 2M+ registered contributors globally. Create training datasets for computer v... Read more

Supply chain visualization platform.

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For an investor Hive provides necessary focus among often blurred lines. It took our portfolio to the next level with its simplified management too... Read more

For an investor Hive provides necessary focus among often blurred lines. It took our portfolio to the next level with its simplified management tools and robust system.


I don't have anything bad to say, their tools can be used by anybody who needs them and would be a great asset.


Jacob S.

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Web-based visualization tool that provides document sharing, online reviewing, batch plotting, digital markups, and more. Learn more about AutoVue Enterprise Visualization


4.4 ( 11 reviews )

Visuant® gives leaders a detailed look at their business. Get key business insights faster, easier and more cost-effective than ever before. Enjoy easy-to-navigate features that are just one click away, present your metric data in easy-to-read visualizations and access your analytics anytime, anywhere. Reduce the time it takes to understand how your business is changing and avoid system management headaches. Visuant® is the secure, hosted or onsite, full-featured software solution. Learn more about Visuant


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Cloud-based data visualization tool that helps businesses present statistics in the form of pie charts, graphs, pictographs, and more. Learn more about Google Charts

Create animated charts in Excel with high level of customization. pie-charts, bar graphs, line charts, etc.. Insert many animated charts in the same data sheet; Move charts in other data sheet; Customize data for your animated chart; Customize animations speed; Modify animation range (from the data row where the animation starts to the end of it) Learn more about Excel Chart Animation


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List & Label is a reporting tool for software developers to integrate reporting functions in their desktop, web and cloud applications. Made for development environments such as .NET, C#, Delphi, C++, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core etc. The component supports a variety of data sources. The List & Label report generator extends applications with extensive print, export and preview functions. The WYSIWYG Report Designer enables you to quickly integrate powerful functionality into your application Learn more about List & Label

Nagios Network Analyzer is a commercial-grade netflow, sflow data analysis software that provides insight into your IT infrastructure and network traffic. Learn more about Nagios Network Analyzer

Chart building and publishing tool that allows you to build charts from data by importing it from your Excel spreadsheets. Learn more about ChartBlocks


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Grow is a no-code full-stack business intelligence (BI) platform that empowers everyone in your organization to make data-driven decisions. By combining ETL, data warehousing and visualization in one easy-to-use platform, any organization can connect and explore its data to surface insights. And our unlimited-user license model gives everyone access to the answers they need without waiting in line for an analyst. Now everyone can make great decisions in real-time to accelerate their growth. Learn more about Grow


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Visualize and share your project progress using data from your existing tools. Get a quick overview of your team's status on your smartphone or tablet. Get project progress reports delivered to your email and Slack. See what others are working on and what has been resolved recently. Track your story cycle time, see your average lead time, and spot bottlenecks. Track & eliminate waste! See how much work is done. Get forecasts based on your team's historical velocity. Learn more about Screenful

Create a map that integrates seamlessly into website with Jawg Maps. The Jawg platform provides enterprise-grade mapping services built from both OpenSource and proprietary tools, as well as OpenStreetMap data. Far from simply being a map customizing tool, Jawg provides you with statistics that enable you to adapt your product according to the needs of your users. Take control of your maps: Learn more about Jawg Maps