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Process capability software that uses machine learning to measure the performance of processes.

Machine learning lets users select or customize deep learning or big data processing stacks.

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Alternative software


4.2 ( 50 reviews )

An open-source platform that allows developers, businesses and researchers to build and deploy machine learning algorithms. Learn more about TensorFlow

Explorium offers a first-of-its-kind end-to-end automated external data platform for advanced analytics and machine learning. Our unique all-in-one platform automatically connects and matches internal enterprise data with thousands of relevant external data sets to accelerate your ML investment ROI and helps solve complex problems. We empower data scientists and business leaders to fuel decision-making with the right data. Check out the platform yourself at: Learn more about Explorium

On-premise and cloud-based solution that helps build, train and deploy machine learning tools, facilitate team collaboration & more. Learn more about Azure Machine Learning


4.3 ( 15 reviews )

Scientific computing framework that provides deep machine learning algorithms and uses Lua-based scripting language. Learn more about Torch

Machine learning tool that enables data mining through free online courses and big data processing. Learn more about Weka


4.9 ( 10 reviews )

B2Metric is an AI-based predictive analytics solution that enables the management of customer journey analytics, risk assessment, and price optimization process within the B2Metric ML Studio platform solution. B2Metric reduces the complexities of predictive analytics projects for each size of companies. Becoming a data-driven company is such an easy task for your marketing and data teams. B2Metric AutoML solution set up an ML pipeline for the usage of marketing teams, data scientists. Learn more about B2Metric

The Valohai platform is designed to make machine learning in production easy. Data scientists and machine learning engineers can work together to build end-to-end machine learning pipelines that take in new data, train a model, and deploy to production automatically. Everything trained on Valohai is automatically stored and versioned, so every model is always reproducible, and work is never lost. The platform is technology agnostic and ready for any cloud or on-premise setup. Learn more about Valohai

Machine learning solution that helps businesses monitor and track performances of analytical models to ensure governance Platform for MLops and Data-piplines. Serverless Kubeflow Pipelines. Learn more about AI Studio

The process involves analyzing existing processes and data, plus specialized knowledge input from experts, and paired with software-based machine learning. HALerium provides statistically sound forecasts and recommends actions based on the analysis. The entire analysis process is transparent when presented. Learn more about HALerium

A library of Nathan commands that can embed machine learning capabilities to mobile devices as well as virtual and hardware appliances. Learn more about NathanCORE